Sample Lingerie Wardrobe

Bras (five): It is imperative to have several bras for various types of clothing. One assortment may include two everyday T-shirt bras, a racerback bra, a strapless bra and a lounge bra or bralette (for a less structured option).

Panties (ten): One pair of panties for each day of the week is simply not enough when you are in a pinch. Hence, at least ten panties in your drawer would be ideal. Everyday styles that work under a wide range of clothing are best. This may include a combination of bikinis, hipsters, boy shorts or briefs depending upon your preference. It is important to include a t least 2 thongs in your panty assortment (one black and one nude) as seamless essentials. Even if you are impartial to thongs, it is recommended to store these essentials in your panty drawer so that they will be accessible when the need arises for a truly seamless appearance.

Shapewear (two): In addition to shaping and smoothing, shapewear can be worn as an extra thermal layer during cooler months. Opt for high-waisted shaping shorts for maximum flexibility and a sleek shaping body slip to wear under skirts and dresses.

Hosiery (five): A good range for your hosiery wardrobe may be three pairs of everyday basics (such as one pair of skin tone pantyhose, one pair of sheer black pantyhose, and one pair of opaque tights), plus two pairs of fashion hosiery (such as thigh-high stockings, lace tights, or fishnets).

Loungewear/Sleepwear (eight): It is recommended to have one lightweight knit robe for travel and summer (the thinner fabric makes it easier to pack), and one fleece or flannel winter robe. During the warmer months it is helpful to have at least three seasonal loungewear or pajama pieces such as a nightgown, chemise, or short set. During the cooler months, three loungewear or pajama sets will keep you warm and comfortable.

Matching Sets (two sets, four items total): Treat yourself to the ultimate lingerie indulgence – two matching bra and panty sets. Nothing makes us feel more put together and in charge than knowing we are wearing coordinating lingerie.

Wildcard (one): What is the one lingerie piece that you have always wanted – a bustier, bodysuit, boudoir slippers, bedroom jacket, or lingerie dress that can be doubled as outerwear? Use this space to fulfill your wildest lingerie dream!

Bridal and honeymoon wardrobe

Wedding Day Lingerie and Accessories

• Robe for hair and makeup on wedding day with matching bra and panty set

• Bustier, longline bra or strapless bra

• Shapewear

• Stockings

• Garter (one to keep and one to throw)

Wedding Night Lingerie

• Traditional long peignoir set (gown and robe)

• Modern short peignoir set (gown and robe)

• Matching panty or thong

Honeymoon Wardrobe:

Matching Bra and Panty Sets (three sets): These sets are splurge worthy and can still be used after the wedding and honeymoon. This is your special time to feel and look like a goddess! Try the traditional white or ivory in tandem with a soft blue and pink set, or simply select any color combination that you adore!

Loungewear (three): Essentially, you will need something comfortable to wear around your honeymoon suite. In order to feel luxurious, choose at least three of the following: a chemise, a camisole and short set, a long silk nightgown and a comfortable pair of pajamas. Have fun with the prints and colors if you choose. You are not committed to wearing white beyond your wedding night!

Robe (one): You will spend a lot of time in your hotel room, so slipping into a robe (preferably silk), is a must. As an added bonus, you will remember your honeymoon when you wear it again.

Boudoir Slippers (one pair): Your honeymoon is the perfect time for a pair of silk lounge slippers, marabou feather pumps, or whatever else your heart desires. It’s your time to feel elegant, comfortable and fabulous!

Showstopping Ensemble (two): Wow your partner. Then wow your partner again! Think drama. This may include a sexy lace teddy or a cut-out matching bra with matching tanga or thong. Use your imagination!